Festival 2019 Anticipated Schedule
(To date. Subject to change)

The table includes time, event and location information. Location legend can be found below.

Tuesday, April 9
8 pm CONCERT: Harris Becker & Friends GH
Wednesday, April 10
7:30 pm MASTER CLASS: Robert Trent including a discussion on "19th Century Performance Practices" GH
Thursday, April 11
8 pm CONCERT: Robert Trent GH
Friday, April 12
2 pm WORKSHOP: Theory and Technique for the Contemporary Rock Guitarist with James Erickson
Bring your guitar and an amp if you like
5 pm COMPETITION: High School Classical Guitar Competition Semi-finals (Closed to the public) FA
8 pm CONCERT: Laura Snowden (US Debut)
Saturday, April 13
10 am MASTER CLASS: Laura Snowden KT
12:30 pm EMERGING ARTIST SERIES CONCERT: Eliza Balmuth & Everett Shen (First Prize winners Festival 2018 High School Classical Guitar Competition) HC
1:30 pm COMPETITION: High School Classical Guitar Competition Finals. Three finalists (Open to the public) HC
3 pm CONCERT: Mark Marino including a workshop on Jazz Improvisation HC
4:30 pm REHEARSAL: LIGF Orchestra HF
8 pm CONCERT: David Leisner and Eduardo Fernández. Solos and Duos HC
Sunday, April 14
9:30 am MASTER CLASS: David Leisner and Eduardo Fernández FA
10:30 am REHEARSAL: LIGF Guitar Orchestra CH
2 pm CONCERT: LIGF Guitar Orchestra CH
3:30 pm CONCERT: Jérôme Ducharme HC

Legend - CH: Interfaith Center, Chapel; FA: Fine Arts Center; GH: Great Hall; HC: Hillwood Cinema; HF: Hillwood Commons Fishbowl; KT: Krasnoff Theater; MRB: Music Rehearsal Building; TA: Tilles Center Atrium; TC: Tilles Center for the Performing Arts; WHC: West Hillwood Cafeteria

The Recital Hall, Cinema and Cafeteria are located in Hillwood Commons. Here are directions to the campus and a campus map (Great Hall - Building 1, Fine Arts Center - Building 13, Hillwood Commons - Building 19. The map highlights the campus locations of these venues.)

Last update: February 17, 2019